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Iyè Creative Launch Market Bucks Program

Iyè Creative has launched a Market Bucks program for communities of African descent!

They shared that since the onset of COVID-19, Black communities keep demonstrating their strength, resilience and resistance by taking their health into their own hands and continuing their ancestral work to protect their communities in various ways. One way of doing this is by responding to their own needs for healthy, local, culturally-adapted foods.

The MarketBucks initiative is a farm-fresh program aiming to support our communities. This year the program is based on reciprocity in order to bring justice at the forefront and lay foundations to re-envision the participation of communities in certain spaces, in this case, the Farmers’ Market.

Food markets are a valuable space of interconnection, and a place to share the abundance of our local harvests. Iye strives to inspire a feeling of reciprocity and empowerment for BIPOC to build community and participate in local food systems.

48 African descent families/individuals who sign up will receive $50 worth MarketBucks to visit the market. MarketBucks are the market currency and can be used to purchase any product at the market just like cash, credit, or debit. They can be used at both our Monday and Thursday evening markets.

Reach out to @iye.herstories learn more!

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