Project Description

Meet Peggy Wilmot


image001-2St.John’s has been running a food bank for over 30 years, supported mainly by members of the parish and other caring people from throughout the community. We would rather get out of the business entirely, but until all our clients have enough to eat, we will continue to provide a selection of food to anyone who needs it. We buy most of the food we supply, and offer everyone a choice of items. We believe this provides respect and dignity to all who come.

She has been volunteering in the food bank for several years, and took over the role of coordinator a couple of years ago. Working together with so many amazing people on the creation of the Food Share Network has been a gratifying experience.

We have amazing partners: the Sally Ann with weekly loads of donated food, Anawim’s help with pick up and delivery, the Fairfield food drive last Christmas (Sir James Douglas School, Margaret Jenkins School, Fairfield United Church and other generous members of the Fairfield community) and Mustard Seed’s Give Food Get Food program.