Project Description

The GiveFoodGetFood program was developed by The Mustard Seed Street Church in an effort to connect local non-profit agencies to food donated by Food Banks Canada. GiveFoodGetFood provides and online re-distribution process, creating a transparent interface between food suppliers and those agencies that require food for distribution to their clients. The Mustard Seed Street church is acting as the initial sole food provider with the understanding that other agencies may also enter into the role of offering available food on the website. The Mustard Seed Street Church’s warehouse location at 808 Viewfield Road will provide a hub for Capital Region non-profit agencies and will develop the capacity to receive and re-distribute goods to participating Food Share Network partners. Find out more on the GiveFoodGetFood website.

Give Food Get Food 2017 Impact

Over 40 agencies have an account, and more are being added every month

Approximately 15 orders are placed every week

Approximately 240 items ordered every week.  Specific items may include large canned goods that can be used of community meals, as well as large packages of child-friendly snacks used for after-school programs

Has supplied 7249 items to FSN members across the CRD