Project Description


The Food Share Network is a diverse group of 40 non-profit agencies gathering around issues of food access and food literacy.  This varied group touches the lives of thousands of people in our community who are experiencing food insecurity and hunger.  Supporting the development of food literacy and food skills programming in our community is one of the objectives of the Food Share Network.  Increased access to food resulting from the and the Food Rescue Project are being supported through new food literacy & skills programs spearheaded by the Food Share Network.


These initiatives include:

Securing funding for a Community Food Educator to be on-site at 6 locations in the Capital Region when perishable food arrives from the food rescue project.  These community food educators will engage participants and encourage the creation of unique recipes that reflect the strengths and tastes of their community.  This program will run for one year.  The objective is to encourage the development of food skills, food literacy and the confidence to create delicious food from the fruits, vegetables and dairy accessible through the food rescue project.

Coordinating the funding and creation of Food Skills Videos published weekly.  These videos will capture local food experts creating delicious meals from food available food through the food rescue project.  These food experts will include people from a wide range of communities, including high-school students, recent immigrants, seniors, restaurateurs and local First Nation people.  Each week will highlight a meal created by a different individual with a unique perspective and set of food skills.  This project will result in the production and publication of a unique set of recipes.

Please contact if you are interested in participating in either program.