Project Description


One of the stated objectives of the Food Share Network is to “share information among non-profit food services, coordinate and collaborate toward common goals”.  One example of this is to explore common standards for food quality assurance (distribution standard, best before and expiry dates – “eat always, eat sometimes, eat never”).

The Food Share Network is composed of over 40 non-profit agencies that have emerged from various backgrounds & needs and reflect a range of priorities.  One of the challenges in developing a common network is to create alignment around the standards of food distribution.

FOOD Guidelines for perishable food will be distributed through the food rescue project to all participating Food Share Network members will be based on Food Safe Standards.  Training around the distribution, handling and re-packaging of these perishable foods will be provided by Thrifty Foods and qualified staff of The Mustard Seed Street Church.

Download Guidelines for Distributing Food-Past the Best Before Date