Discover The Structure of The Food Share Network

The Food Share Network aims to demonstrate its effectiveness and practice ongoing learning through collaboration. The Food Share Network is formed with leadership from a Steering Committee, comprised of senior representatives form a diverse mix of food service providers, food access organizations and related allies.

Our Goals

Our steering committee is lead by food service and access experts. Committee decisions are made by consensus, so that each member is fully empowered. Our goals:

1. Make decisions regarding the vision for the Food Share Network.
2. Provide direction on further stakeholder engagement.
3. Develop and update our Strategic Priorities.
4. Monitor and evaluate implementation of the Strategic Priorities.
5. Develop key documents, such as MOUs between partner organizations.

How We Will Measure Success

The Food Share Network intends to contribute to the enhanced health of people and communities through the achievement of key outcomes



Sonja Yli-Kahila is the Coordinator of the Food Share Network. She works on behalf of all the Food Share Network partners to promote and continue development on projects identified by the Steering Committee and the membership as a whole.

Sonja has a varied background in nutrition and policy. She is a holistic nutritionist and interested in how access to nutritious food can support mental, physical, emotional, and community health and support individuals and families to participate fully in society. Sonja also has experience in developing and implementing policy, working with a variety of stakeholders and partners, and is excited about the opportunity to work on implementing food security policy at the ground level. 

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