The Food Share Network was formed in 2013 in consultation with more than 40 community groups who recognized a need to collaborate on innovative approaches to increase food security in Greater Victoria.

The Food Share Network worked together to establish a coordinated food distribution system that brings together the whole community from grocers and farmers to community organizations. As a Network, we are helping to distribute over 10,000 lbs (4,550 kgs) of fresh healthy vegetables, fruits, and dairy daily to individuals and families who need this food to survive and thrive. 

All residents of the Capital Region enjoy food security
To enhance food security in the Capital Region through collaboration and cooperation among an umbrella of organizations including food banks, community centers, schools, organizations serving low income and vulnerable populations, donors and other participating organizations.
Empowerment; dignity and respect; food and community; stewardship; collective impact.


The Food Share Network defines food security as: reliable access to sufficient, safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food from sustainable, non-emergency sources.

The Food Share Network is an innovative umbrella that enhances food security in the Capital Region through collaboration and cooperation among food banks, community centres, Indigenous organizations, schools, donors and other community organizations. Participating organizations share the common values of empowerment, dignity and respect, food and community, stewardship, and collective impact. There is a broad consensus on shifting the focus toward food security and self-reliance as a means to create a healthier and more resilient population.